Friday, June 20, 2008

I did an assembly this morning for the year 5/6 class at Penicuik High School about the mistaken belief that 'life should be fair'.

Then I read this in the Times this morning:

It’s bad enough being swindled out of $5 million (£2.5 million) by your former manager. But when your manager is also a one-time lover who robbed you of your retirement fund during the five years you spent at a Buddhist retreat, you could be forgiven for believing the Zen teaching that all life is suffering. Leonard Cohen, 71, is now virtually penniless after the apparently impossible-to-undo swindle by Kelley Lynch, and he has no choice but to get out on the road to perform concerts and — worse of all for the reclusive, principled Canadian — attend awards ceremonies and similar industry events. “It’s enough to put a dent in one’s mood,” Cohen says.

On a coincidental note, Leonard Cohen is listed as one of the musicians (Jew's Harp) in the credits of the following short film presented to the Toronto Film Festival.

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